About ‘englishrail blog’

enlishrail blog formerly Tunnel Vision started as a series of essays on British transport policy as well as notable railway related developments in the UK. They appeared occasionally on Behind The Water Tower – a British – Polish blog which was supposed to look at railway developments in Poland from a UK perspective. At first, everything went according to plan, but then more and more articles began to creep in about Britain. Signals arrived from readers that they expected BTWT to publish articles about obscure Polish forest railways and that places such as Southall and Greenford were already well covered elsewhere.

When BTWT reached 10,000 monthly hits it seemed a good idea to start putting new articles about non-Polish topics elsewhere and so the idea of a separate blog was born. The original title Tunnel Vision reflected the visionary thinking that has emerged from Marsham Street since the end of WW II The new title gives much better results when fed into a search engine!


  1. Hi there,

    I am working on an exciting project that I think would be interesting for English Rail. It is the only Historical Atlas of Great British Railways, would you be interested in more info? If so, could you give me an email address?



    • Our e-mail address is railfan (at) O2 (dot) pl.

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