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North Norfolk nostalgia

Monday, May 27 2013

The 4th of 7 videos posted by gruntyfluster celebrating the North Norfolk Railway’s Spring Steam Gala in March 2011.

There is a great deal of rubbish posted on YouTube: videos with shaky cameras zooming pointlessly in and out; the roar of wind noise; hopeless framing of shots; ugly captions; bad editing…  . I could go on.

It is therefore a joy to discover a film-maker who regularly posts videos that are: steady and beautifully framed; where the sound is part of the emotional experience and the camera movement and zooming  complements the action.

I first came across gruntyfluster by finding his (I hope that it is safe to assume that gruntyfluster is a he.) beautiful narrow gauge videos. He specialises in very short films, sometimes just a single shot.

His latest posting on YouTube is a compilation of shots taken on the North Norfolk Railway in March 2011. The beautiful colour and editing is a joy to behold. Just look at the way he hangs on to the last wisp of smoke after the passage of GWR 4-4-0. “City of Truro” before cutting to the next shot.

So watch the film, then click the link below and be prepared for a feast of very special railway videos. So here’s to you gruntyfluster [raises a quite decent glass of Australian Colombard Chardonnay, as alas the Moët & Chandon is all gone].