Derailment at Falls of Cruachan

Sunday, June 6 2010

Falls of Cruachan power station, close to the derailment.

The 6.20pm service from Glasgow Queen Street to Oban derailed near the Falls of Cruachan power station on the bank of  Loch Awe in Argyll around 9pm on Sunday. The front carriage of the two-car train caught fire and was left precariously balanced on a high embankment overhanging the road below. The rear carriage, which remained on the rails, also caught fire. There are unconfirmed reports that the train hit a rock that had become dislodged from the mountainside above the track.

After Strathclyde Fire and Rescue service received a 999 call from a passenger, engines and crew were sent out  from Glasgow, Oban, Dalmally, Inveraray and Arrochar. The A85, A819 and B845 were closed in both directions to allow emergency services to get through.

According to British Transport Police all of the 60 passengers on board were rescued from the train,  Some were apparently taken to the Falls of Cruachan power station to be treated for shock and bruises. Afterwards eight passengers were taken to various hospitals. Two are reported to have ‘minor spinal injuries’.

The The Rail Accident Investigation Branch will be carrying out an investigation into the causes of the accident.




  1. A Scottish item on an English blog? Are we taking over now ?? :-)

    Seriously though at least no one was seriously hurt and on the bright side, Scotrail is a dmu down. This wouldn’t have been so bad with a 37/4 or a K2 on the front!! And before you ask, I don’t remember the K2’s!!

  2. The RAIB were not formely Her Majesty’s Railway Inspectorate; that organisation is now part of the ORR.

    • Of course! Thanks.

  3. the picture is of the power station visitor centre. the power station is inside the mountain

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