Coalition government publishes policy ‘deal’

Thursday, May 20 2010

Chiltern Railways DMU at Marylebone Station. Photo YourRail.

(Click image to find out more about mobile phone ticketing on YourRail website.)

On 23 March 2007. Chiltern Railways were awarded a 20 year long franchise to operate the Marylebone – Birmingham Snow Hill line in 2002. Since then many new investments in infrastructure and passenger facilities have been carried out. In 2007, a mobile phone ticketing service was introduced. In 2008, Chiltern Railways was taken over in turn by Deutsche Bahn AG.

The Tory – Lib Dem coalition government has published today a 34-page document, setting out the the agreements reached between the coalition partners on key policy areas.

The document which was put together in nine days builds on the four-page deal produced during negotiations in the days after the UK election resulted in a hung Parliament.

The document includes specific commitments regarding transport policy including:

  • granting longer rail franchises in order to give operators the incentive to invest in the improvements passengers want – like better services, better stations, longer trains and better rolling stock;
  • reforming the way decisions are made on which transport projects to prioritise, so that the benefits of low carbon proposals (including light rail schemes) are fully recognised;
  • making Network Rail more accountable to its customers;
  • establishing a high speed rail network as part of our programme of measures to fulfil our joint ambitions for creating a low carbon economy;
  • supporting Crossrail and further electrification of the rail network;
  • turning the rail regulator into a powerful passenger champion;
  • committing to fair pricing for rail travel.

Full text: The Coalition: our programme for government – Transport


One comment

  1. A high speed line from London to the Midlands and Scotland…..via Heathrow. Perhaps someone could do the new minister a favour and print a map illustrating British geography.

    Really it makes me wonder whether the new incumbent understands the layout of the country any better than, say, a visitor would appreciate London geography based on the Tube map.

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