Sir Lamiel on Hatton bank

Sunday, April 25 2010

Southern Railway King Arthur class Sir Lamiel hauling the Cathedrals Express from London to Stratford-upon-Avon up Hatton Bank on 23.04.2010. Video by MG06ZT.

There is to my mind nothing finer in the world than watching an express locomotive working flat out. Yesterday Southern Railway King Arthur class Sir Lamiel did just that up Hatton Bank. With a hat tip to John Savery.



  1. Not really “flat out” as he eases the loco as he passes the signal…

    Very nice though!!!

    Would have been improved by the loco not being shot against the sun as the motion is in shadow.

  2. Now THIS is “FLAT OUT”!!!

  3. But this beats BOTH of them 3985 on 143 double stack freight cars at 35mph!!!!!!!!!!

    Sort of puts the 2000 tons behind Black Prince in the shade a little!

    • Amazing. Wow!

  4. Given that he started from a set-down stop at Warwick, at the foot of the bank, it was good enough (and he was taking the Stratford line at the top of the bank).

    The photographer may have shot from that side as the space on the otherside was taken – I filled the last bit of it!

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