Street View gives a good rail view

Wednesday, March 17 2010

DMU departs Swanage Station, perhaps in 2009?
Photo Google Street View

We have already used the Google Street View feature to illustrate our article on the Sheringham level crossing. However, the extension of Street View on March 11, 2010 to 99% of the UK’s roads, approximately 238,000 miles, is worth an article in its own right.

The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Tywyn is housed in the building on the left while historic Talyllyn Railway goods vehicles are displayed on the former slate transshipment siding parallel to the main line.

Street View is a boon to railway enthusiasts. It is amazing how many of the photos include pictures of trains!

Junction on a mystery railway

However, there are some places that the Google Street View camera cannot go and for these we have to rely on the Google Maps satellite view. Now many of our readers love a mystery. So who, dear friends, is going to be the first person to tell me the location of the railway in the picture above?



  1. I’ll have a guess.

    I reckon that its the GW/GC Joint Line south of the tunnel south of Princes Risborough, looking south towards Saunderton.

    • Thank you Jeff, a good try. No, not the GW & GC Joint extension, but less than a couple of hours by bike from the location you mention.

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