Driver gets it wrong, First Bristol put it right

Thursday, February 25 2010

Congratulations to First Bristol Managing Director, Justin Davies, for taking prompt remedial action when one of its drivers ordered Amy Wootten and her six-week-old daughter Emily to get off a bus because she was breast feeding her daughter. It was raining heavily at the time and Ms Wootten had to spend £8 on a taxi to get herself and her baby home. The company has since sent flowers and a gift to the young mother, and issued a public statement.

We deeply regret the incident which was caused by one individual driver’s actions and we have already expressed our sincere apologies to Ms Wootten for the distress caused as a result of it. We have launched an investigation into exactly what happened. As a company, we fully support a woman’s right to breastfeed in public and understand that when travelling with a small child it may be necessary to do this on the bus. We have already taken steps to ensure that this message is communicated to all of our staff.

Now, if only all public transport companies could clean up their staff’s mistakes so professionally, travelling by public transport would again become a pleasure.



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