Northern Line to close for 82 weekends?

Wednesday, February 3 2010

Northern Line train at Finchley Central tube station on 24 October 2005. Note luxuriant foliage growing in the ballast. Photo Chris McKenna.

(Click on image to see original on Wikipedia and for details of licensing.)

Tube Lines who hold a PPP contract to maintain and upgrade London Underground’s Northern Line are demanding 82 weekend closures of the line so that they can carry out their work.

London Underground historian and railway pundit Christian Wolmar was quoted by the London Evening Standard as saying:

The whole way the PPP was designed was to prevent TfL having day-to-day management of these contracts. TfL feel they are totally trapped and can’t force Tube Lines into a reasonable regime of closures. Every closure saves them money and costs passengers time and hassle. There is a permanent battleground there.”

I think they [Tube Lines] are completely out of order. When I was a kid I used the Underground the whole time and there were occasional weekend closures on one line.

Of course, the upgrade work needs to be done but basically this is down to Tube Lines trying to save money. They are trying to make it as cheap as possible, irrespective of how much inconvenience it causes to passengers.



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