Going, going, gone…

Saturday, January 23 2010

There aren’t many more iconic British brands left to fall. Do you remember the J. Lyons & Co. teashops with their uniformed waitresses selling Battenburg cakes? Smiths Potato Crisps with the salt wrapped in a twist of blue paper? Walls sausages? Dunlop Tyres? United Dairies? Triumph sports cars… ?

Today’s post is my own personal protest against the takeover of Cadburys by Kraft Foods. Will their still be Cadburys Flake in 10 years time? In the unlikely event it will, you can safely bet it won’t be made in Bourneville.

What has this to do with railways? In 1969, I walked along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal through Bourneville. On one side of the canal were the warehouses were some of the raw materials used to arrive by canal on the right was Cadburys works railway with an ancient disk and bar signal. The site of the canal warehouses is now a housing estate. How long before the same fate befalls the Bourneville factory?

Black Five, 44878, steams from Bournville towards Selly Oak.  On the left are the warehouses alongside the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.  The single track disappearing into the distance is the Cadburys railway to the Bournville factory. Photo D. J. Norton.

(Click on the photo to see more photographs By D.J. Norton of the Cadburys Railway and railway locations around Birmingham.)

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  1. Err, Triumph Motorcycles are going strong, British owned (based in Leicestershire) and selling thousands of machines a year, many for export! It’s not ALL doom and gloom (just most of it…).

  2. Triumph motorcycles are alive and kicking and British-owned.

    I am concerned with the fate of Cadbury’s manufacturing plants in Poland.

    • Thanks for all the corrections, I’m changing the reference to Triumph sports cars!

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