Britain’s fragmented railways

Saturday, December 19 2009

Map ©Doe’s Directory of Bus and Rail Timetables, Web Sites and Enquiry Offices.

(Click on map to go to Barry Doe’s website from which a high resolution version of this map can be downloaded as follows. First click on the link Rail Operators in the British Isles and download the corresponding pdf file. Then open the downloaded document and click on the link http://www.barrydoe.co.uk/railmap14.pdf which is under the Miscellaneous heading towards the bottom of the first page.)

Barry Doe produces a comprehensive series of fact sheets on the UK’s bus and railway services, all of which can be downloaded as pdf files from his website. I was particularly interested in seeing the map that he produced entitled, 2010 Great Britain National rail Passenger Operators, a thumbnail of which is reproduced at the head of this article. If anyone wonders why railway services are so expensive on this small island a glance at Barry’s map provides a big clue.

The fragmented railway system that Britain ended up with after John Major’s botched privatisation is surely an object lesson into how not to reorganise a nation’s railways. One would have thought that consultants would be travelling around the world advising governments and railway companies on all the lessons to be learnt from the mistakes that were made in the UK. Unfortunately, the consultants, lawyers and bankers were the one group that did benefit from the UK’s rail privatisation albeit at great cost to the British rail travelling public.

(A longer version of this article has been published on Behind The Water Tower.)


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  1. can you help me can you tell when the new timetable book from 23/05/2010 to December 11/12/2010. How much will it cost?

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