Russian coal to Merthyr Tydfil

Monday, October 19 2009

[picapp src=”e/1/d/6/Welsh_Steam_Train_e916.jpg?adImageId=6211453&imageId=6581022″ width=”390″ height=”594″/]

Brecon Mountain Railway No.2 1930-built Baldwin locomotive on September 22, 2009 in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. Photo Dan Kitwood ©Getty Images via PiccApp.

Tony Hills has recently converted two of his Brecon Mountain Railway steam engines back to coal firing to avoid soaring oil prices. But although the open-cast Ffos-y-Fran mine is only three miles away, its coal can’t be taken by lorry to the 1ft 11¾ railway. A road ban implemented after residents fought the development means coal can only be dispatched by rail – forcing the mountain railway to source its coal 3000 miles from Siberia.



One comment

  1. Unless I’m totally missing a trick – there’s no link from the national rail system, to the Brecon Mountain Railway; so the Russian coal has to ultimately get to the BMR by lorry anyway… this situation would seem to redefine “insane and irrational stands on principle”.

    What with this, and the current doings concerning the 750mm gauge line at Smigiel in Poland – with legal restrictions there, seemingly planned to make virtually impossible, narrow gauge railways’ running commercial freight services – one is greatly tempted to agree with the character in Dickens, that “the law is a ass”.

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