Resco in administration

Wednesday, September 30 2009

class 66

Class 66 locomotives manufactured by Electro Motive Diesel Inc undergoing Engineering Acceptance Certification by RESCO at the EMD Facility in London, Ontario. Photo RESCO.

A very long time ago I got a call from a very young Rick Edmonson to view his collection of vintage rolling stock in Woolwich. Rick took me to a couple of large warehouses sheaved with bulging plastic panels. (His family owned a plastic moulding business.) Inside was an Aladdin’s cave of old railway coach bodies which Rick had rescued from various gardens all around the country. I remember an early Metropolitan Railway 6-wheeler and some royal train coaches from one of the pre-grouping railways. None of bodies as rescued had underframes or wheels, but Rick was in the process of modifying some scrapped underframes on which to mount them.

Rick at the time was looking for a railway preservation project to take over. I was looking for a wealthy patron to give my own project some credibility. Rick took a careful look and rejected it. Having not had a happy experience with the North Down Railway Society he was suspicious of volunteers and anything that smacked of  rule by committee. It was a pity, as I was no democrat, and with Rick’s support my railway might have reached ‘critical mass’ much earlier. As it was we went our separate ways. My project, having overcome all those that said ‘it can’t be done’, became a very popular heritage railway. Rick went on to turn his rolling stock hobby into Resco, a professional railway engineering company. Today, on Railway Eye, I read with sadness that Resco has gone into administration.

What a world – whatever happens the bankers, lawyers and accountants seem to thrive while those who build or repair things are the first to go to the wall when the going gets tough?



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