Imperial Wharf opened on Sunday…

Wednesday, September 30 2009

or was it Tuesday or even today?

imperial wharf

Spot the Mayor of London. Photo Twitpic.

(Click to see pic on Twitpic.)

London’s newest station has opened although there seems to be some confusion as to when the official opening took place. Plans to build the station had been in limbo for more than 15 years before property developers  St George agreed to fund a £7 million funding package last year.

The station will be served by three trains in each direction every hour and the station will give local residents a link to the Underground at West Brompton as well as Clapham Junction in the south and Willesden Junction in the north.

There was an apocryphal story going round in the 1960s that when Britain’s railways were nationalised, the people who drafted the bill that was laid before Parliament forgot about the West London Extension Railway, which as a ‘joint line’ had so escaped grouping in 1923. Two old ladies resident in Putney received a few pennies in their bank account for every train that passed. Dyspozytor has fond memories of the line, but that’s another story!

A triple hat tip to: Chris White, London Connections and Railway Eye.



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