Tornado brings Winton Train to London

Friday, September 4 2009


A1 pacific Tornado 60163 with the Winton Train at London Liverpool Street Station on 4 September 2009. Photo CTK.

Sir Nicholas Winton has been referred to as the ‘British Schindler’. In 1939, as Europe was descending into war, he organised safe passage for hundreds of mostly Jewish children out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. All in all, Winton saved the lives of 669 children, finding them homes in the United Kingdom. Around 20 of the children he saved recreated their 1939 journey by steam train across Europe this week, arriving at Liverpool St on Friday morning. Sir Nicholas – now 100 years old – was there to welcome them.



One comment

  1. The A1 pacific Tornado 60163 is an amazing beast. I’ve been involved in model railways for two decades now. I like finding sites like this one that I never discovered before. I get really involved in the hobby and my wife always knows where to find me, but my model train layout keeps me young and out of trouble. Model Railways

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