Mystery 3ft gauge railway!

Thursday, August 27 2009


This 3ft industrial narrow gauge railway was originally built circa 1922-23, and extended during 1924. Principal traffic was stone, but it also carried workers to the construction site in a train that was known by locals as the “Paddy Mail”. Most remarkably a substantial portion remained in situ until the 1980s when it was was sold to scrap merchants and all, but the short section above, was lifted.

Have any readers any ideas as to where this railway was? Tunnel Vision does not stoop so low as to have competitions, unlike its Polish sister blog Behind The Water Tower, but you will have to log on tomorrow if you want to know the answer!



  1. Summat to do with the Settle and Carlisle line?

    • No. But only 12 miles from Settle which given the size of the UK is pretty much a bullseye!

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