Birmingham Councillors sell HS2 station site.

Sunday, August 23 2009

The cramped footprint of Birmingham New Street station.

The Curzon Street site – plenty of room for passengers, trains, buses and cars; also easily reached by trains running along either the former LNWR or GWR main lines. Birmingham Moor Street station is on the bottom left.

With plans to build Britain’s first domestic high speed line, HS2, from London to the West Midlands and the North gathering momentum one would have thought that the Birmingham City Council would be taking another look at Arup’s proposal for new Grand Central Station in Birmingham. But not a bit of it! So keen were councillors to ensure that nothing could interfere with their plans to rebuild the existing New Street Station that they have just sold off the alternative Curzon Street site for a mere £11 million. It seems that the City Councillors prefer to have more shops than a world class station on Britain’s future high speed railway network.



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