Dyspozytor bumps Christian!

Wednesday, August 19 2009


Foreign Office Architects’  visualisation of the new New Street

Readers of Tunnel Vision and our sister blog, Behind the Water Tower, will know that we are not in the news business. We believe that a good article is like a good wine. It has to have lain for a while in our cognitive cellars, and been allowed to reach perfect maturity before it can be brought out and gently savoured in polite company. Some people may prefer news rather than philosophy and for those that do we have no hesitation to recommend Railway Eye. Like its sister in Mordor, the Eye penetrates even the dark depths of the hearts of men toiling in the tunnels of Marsham Street. The Eye reports the news – with amazing accuracy – before it has even happened. (1)

So when one of our carefully crafted pieces actually beats the work of Christian Womar one of Britain’s top railway journalists, we are the first to be surprised. On 30 September 2008, BTWT, in an unusually barbed attack (such venom could only come from the pen of one who knows and loves Britain’s second city) poured scorn on plans for so-called improvements at New Street. More shops, but no more trains, proclaimed the sub-heading. Now, nearly one year later, but perhaps not too late, Womar comes to the same conclusion. As Wolmar is often billed as Britain’s leading transport commentator and BTWT has just bumped Wolmar, does that now make Dyspozytor Britain’s leading transport commentator?

(1) For instance, it has predicted that the DfT’s Frankenstein trains – half electric and half diesel – will turn out to be an embarrassing and expensive fiasco.


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