Michigan Central Depot

Friday, July 24 2009

MCRRDepot[Jim BetancourtColl]

Michigan Central Depot 1940. Note third rail electrification.
Postcard Jim Betancourt collection.

(Click on the picture to see it in its original location on the RRHX photo album.)

I have written about Michigan Central Depot before where local residents are fighting the city’s mayor who wants to demolish the station. Recently I discovered some wonderful images of the station building in its prime on a Russian blog. The most striking picture showed the station in 1940 and is reproduced above. Further research led me to the Michigan Internet Railroad History Museum from which it would appear the Russian blogger reposted the picture.



  1. I’m writing on behalf of WNET/Channel 13, the PBS station in New York. We are currently producing a documentary film about America’s ailing infrastructure, and much of the film is set in Detroit. I’m very interested in the above photo of Michigan Station, and would like to get Mr. Betancourt’s permission to use the image in our film. Would you be able to put me in touch with him? Many thanks! I can be reached via email at …, or via phone at …

    Kristina Cafarella
    Associate Producer

    • Dear Kristina,

      Thank you for your e-mail regarding the picture of Michigan Central
      Station. At first, I thought that I would be unable to help you. I
      saw the picture on a Russian blog dealing with abandoned buildings,
      but I made a mistake when I published my post and omitted the back
      link to the original which is my customary practice. Since I did
      not bookmark the Russian site it seemed unlikely that I would have
      been able to help you.

      However, I was pretty sure that the Russian author had obtained his
      pictures from another website, so perhaps… ? After half an hour of
      Googling I found the original of the Jim Betancourt postcard hosted
      on the Michigan’s Internet Railroad History Museum website. The URL:

      I’m sure that they will be able to help.

      Best wishes


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