Adonis electrification report rated

Thursday, July 23 2009

Must try harder.



The DfT’s electrification strategy. ©Crown Copyright 2009
(Click to download pdf file from the DfT’s website.)

The Department for Transport’s long-awaited railway electrification strategy has at last been published. Expectations have been downsized for so long by the Treasury’s hostility to rail investment that what has emerged is surprising good. Two schemes are envisaged – the electrification of the Great Western lines between London, Reading, Oxford, Newbury, Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea, to be completed within eight years. In parallel, planning will begin immediately for the electrification of the line between Liverpool and Manchester, to be completed within four years.

Here is how we score Lord Adonis’s announcement.

GWR lines to London

Category Comment Marks
Scope Excellent! – inclusion of Newbury, both Bristol lines, Swansea and Oxford 1
Integration Good – allows Crossrail’s extension to Reading 1
Signalling Good – ERTMS cab signalling removes allows > 125 mph 1
Timescale Awful – 8 years is a little better than 10, but allowing for delays, 8 = 10! 0
Rolling stock Still based on Frankenstein dual mode monster. DfT please note – you should leave the design of trains to railway engineers. 0

Liverpool to Manchester

Category Comment Marks
Scope Poor – should have included: Sheffield – Manchester – Bolton – Preston – Blackpool and the reopening of the Woodhead tunnel 1
Timing Fair – Two years would have been better, but four is reasonable 1
Integration Poor – doesn’t provide an alternative path around Manchester o


Category Comment Marks
Freight Where is there any mention of rail freight? – Why has freight been sidelined? 0
Overall Fair – Shows promise. Must try harder next time 5/10

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