Not with a bang, but a whimper…

Wednesday, July 8 2009

New readers start here.


Train vs. tornado

(Click to play video)

Tunnel Vision started as a series of essays on British transport policy as well as notable railway related developments in the UK. They appeared occasionally on Behind The Water Tower – a British-Polish blog which was supposed to look at railway developments in Poland from a UK perspective. At first, everything went according to plan, but then more and more articles began to creep in about Britain. Signals arrived from readers that they expected BTWT to publish articles about obscure Polish forest railways and that places such as Southall and Greenford were already well covered elsewhere.

When BTWT reached 10,000 monthly hits it seemed a good idea to start putting new articles about non-Polish topics elsewhere and so the idea of Tunnel Vision was born. Why TV? The title reflects the visionary thinking that has emerged from Marsham Street since the end of WW II. TV was supposed to launch its separate existence on 1 July, but work on a tender to prepare a feasibility study for a railway tourism project in central Poland got in the way.

We wanted to start TV with a bang, so click the picture above and enjoy. If the video fails to run properly you could try running a somewhat shorter version of the same clip which is available on You Tube.

Oh and do please send a link to this page to your friends. It took us 16 months to grow BTWT to 10,000 monthly hits, let’s see if we can get TV’s readership to the same level in only 12!

The train in the video ran on 7 Jan 2008 on the Union Pacific Railroad near Harvard IL. You can see the trees being whipped, hear debris hitting the trailing engine where the camera was mounted, and then see debris flying through the air as the F3 tornado hits the train…  .


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